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Guatemalan Brew Bag / 7 Pack


Looking for an easier, better tasting way to make coffee while camping?

Our Single-Serve Brew Bags give you coffee shop quality without having to pack any extra equipment. Just drop the Brew Bag in 8oz. of hot water, let it soak for a few minutes, and enjoy! Fuel your adventures with High Side Coffee

  • 100% Single-Origin Guatemalan Coffee
  • Specialty Grade Coffee (Rated 84+)
  • No equipment necessary, just add hot water
  • Individually sealed for freshness
  • Compostable Brew Bags

Step One: Heat water to just about boiling (205° F)
Step Two: Slowly pour hot water over the Brew Bag
Step Three: Let soak until desired strength is achieved (5–7 min.).

Longer equals stronger™

Guatemalan Brew Bag / 7 Pack - High Side Coffee

Guatemalan Brew Bag / 7 Pack


Sustainability is a Top Priority

Our planet is our home, and we are proud to donate 1% of all of our sales to organizations that support sustainability, and the health of our planet.