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How long should I leave my brew bag in for?

We recommend soaking for at least 5 minutes, while bouncing the coffee bag occasionally to release the most flavor.

Can I leave the coffee bag in my cup as I drink?

Yes! We often do this ourselves as we love a strong cup of coffee. Unlike tea, coffee does not get bitter if it is soaked for too long. Just remember, longer equals stronger.

I would like to carry High Side in my store, how do I do this?

Reach out to, or call/text 385-212-4931, and we would love to get a relationship started.

How long will a brew bag stay fresh after opening?

We recommend brewing as quickly after opening as possible. Our coffee is ground, and then flushed and sealed with nitrogen to eliminate oxidation (the stuff that makes it stale) and keep the coffee fresh until it is opened, so brewing immediately will provide the best flavor.