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Guatemalan Brew Bag / 7 Pack


Our Single-Serve Brew Bags give you coffee shop quality without having to use any fancy equipment. Just drop the Brew Bag in 8oz. of hot water, let it soak for a few minutes, and enjoy! Fuel your adventures with High Side Coffee™.

  • 100% Single-Origin Guatemalan Coffee
  • Specialty Grade Coffee (Rated 84+)
  • No equipment necessary, just add hot water
  • Individually sealed for freshness
  • Compostable Brew Bags

Brewing Instructions: Great for Hot or Cold Coffee

Hot Coffee

  1. 1. Heat up some water to just about boiling (we set our temperature to around 205ºF) and toss a Brew Bag into a mug.
  3. 2. Slowly Pour 8oz of hot water over the Brew bag and let it sit for 5–7 minutes. Longer equals stronger™. We recommend leaving the Brew Bag in at least until it the coffee is cool enough to drink.
  5. 3. Bounce the bag a few times to mix and enjoy!

Cold Brew

  • 1. Combine 8oz of cold water with 1 brew bag in a jar (2 Brew Bags = 16oz of water, 3 Brew Bags = 24oz of water, etc.)
  • 2. Cover jar and place in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
  • 3. Remove from the fridge, remove Brew Bags from the water, and enjoy black or with your favorite creamer!
  • Pro Tip: Brew using milk, or your favorite creamer instead of water.