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We're back! And better than ever.

by High Side Team |

To our loyal High Side Coffee Family -


Over the last 2 months, you may have noticed that we’ve been MIA on social media. Today, we are so stoked to introduce you to the new & improved High Side Coffee.


We are stoked to introduce ourselves to you - we’re the people who are gonna keep bringing you that sweet, sweet, coffee that you so yearn for. We are Shea, Hal, and Dimitri, and we have been friends for well over a decade. We have each worked with High Side Coffee since the beginning, (Shea is our original Co-Founder), and we are proud to announce that we are bringing High Side Coffee 100% to San Diego.


With this new team in place, we have some big plans. We want to bring our community out on rides, fuel you up before a beach cleanup, be there for you when you don’t know what to gift to give, and bring you a brand that is 100% approachable and 100% easy to use for novices. We’re here to help you learn what you like about specialty coffee, what notes, roasts and origins you like, and help you enjoy premium coffee shop-esque coffee, at home. Whether on the road, rushing between video meetings, or too hungover to brew, we’ve got you covered.


We each have a passion for coffee, the outdoors, our current and future communities, and are ready to hit the ground running to bring High Side Coffee back into the culture and lifestyles that we all so love. We promise we will keep bringing you great tasting coffee, and cool shit to wear.


Over the next few months, we have some rad new stuff that we can’t wait to share with you, and we hope that you’ll continue supporting 3 friends who are dedicated to coffee, doing fun things, and not taking ourselves too seriously.



Shea, Hal + Dimitri