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All the Ways to Make a Brew Bag

by High Side |

Wondering about all of the ways that you can use your Brew Bags? You’re in the right place - we like to think that our Brew Bags are super versatile, and they’re pretty damn convenient, too.

Read on for our 5 favorite ways to make coffee with a High Side Coffee Brew Bag, any roast works!



#1 The Hot Brew

Our Old Faithful, this is a regular ol’ cup o’ joe. Surprisingly delicious, and just as caffeinated as your specialty Whole Bean - after all, we do use specialty coffee!

It’s super simple to make a hot Brew Bag, you make it just like you would a tea-bag.

  • Heat water to just about boiling (we aim to be at about 205º)
  • Drop a Brew Bag into your mug, and gently pour 8oz of water over the Brew Bag
  • Let your bag soak for about 5-7 minutes, and give it a couple bounces every now and then
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the easiest cup of coffee you’ve ever had!
  • We like to leave our Brew Bags in while we drink - but it’s up to you on how you prefer it

#2 Overnight Cold Brew

We’re based out of San Diego, and sometimes you just need the sweet, icy taste of a good cold brew. It’s important to note that if you want a full Mason Jar sized cup of cold brew, you’ll need to double up on Brew Bags! You can also add a few Brew Bags to a pitcher of water, and have enough for the week.

  • Drop a Brew Bag into a cup of 8oz of cold water
  • Leave in the fridge overnight, or for at least 12 hours
  • That’s literally it - you can add ice, cream, sugar, whiskey, whatever you want!

#3 Desperate Times Brew

The perfect way to make coffee if you’re without access to hot water or a fridge. All you gotta do is set it and forget it.

  • Fill up a reusable water bottle or mug with 8-10oz of room temperature water
  • Add a Brew Bag, and make sure to fully submerge it a few times
  • Let it sit for 20-24 hours - you can give it a good shake or stir every few hours if you remember
  • ENJOY your desperate times brew!


#4 Boozy Brew

Sometimes you have a hard day (or week), and you just need a little extra kick in your coffee to getcha goin’.

  • Brew your coffee the same way you would a regular Hot Brew
  • Add a half of a shot of Bailey’s directly into the mug
  • Give it a little stirry stir, and enjoy!

#5 The Summer Afternoon Brew

Like we mentioned earlier, we experience quite a bit of hot days in San Diego, and we love to cool down with a nice coffee cocktail in the afternoons. This drink is by far the most popular at the High Side offices, and amongst our friends.

  • Brew your coffee the same way you would a regular 10oz Cold Brew in a large cup (you’ll need to have enough room for ice + more liquid
    • You can also make a regular High Side Hot Brew and pop it in the fridge for an hour to cool down
  • Add 2 shots of Kahlua, a squeeze of lemon, and a small handful of ice to your cup, top off with some sparkling water (we prefer Topo Chico) and garnish with a lemon wheel
  • Add more lemon or sparkling water to your taste!